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The misogynistic attitudes of men behaving badly

12 Jun

I’m not one to normally to rant and rave about things that cheese me off, I normally write about my travels or interesting happy things, if this is what you’ve clicked on to read this time skip to something else I’ve written, tonight it got to the stage where it’s 12:30am in the morning, I’ve been lying in bed for 2 hours now, thinking about what I read on twitter earlier on a simple comment made about the press conference in regards to the new PS4 and XboxOne platforms and games. I cant sleep and I’ve decided to get up and put down in words what’s bothering me for peace of mind. It was a simple statement made about female protagonist’s in new release video games, or the lack thereof. The misogynist attitude backlash that followed was to me how the inequality of the sexes really still promotes itself in our world and how it’s still so widely acceptable in a day and age where the human race seems to be spiralling so out of control. Maybe it really is time to be like the dolphins and leave.


The tweet in question to me seemed an honest opinion of the shape of the gaming industry and the backlash to a simple observation spoke for itself. If you look a little wider you’ll find it’s commonplace in many areas of our lives. The replies posted which 50 where displayed with their names and twitter handles, was also published, that way there no doubting who said what. In all frankness the variety of opinions was very one sided ranging from rude to the extreme of being from my point of view not fit for human consumption. It’s disturbing to think these people sit behind a tablet, phone or computer and actually have the gall to believe what they are typing. The use of offensive descriptive words I would never reprint or even say to a lady, girl, woman or mother. I was interested to see one of the replies with the tweeter in question, his avatar showing what could be said as his girlfriend with him, I wonder what said girlfriend thought of his boldness? My wife would’ve not even let me pack my bags, my Mum? Probably would’ve disowned me.

Where did this attitude originate? Lets go as far back as the, “original sin.” when Eve first bit into that crunchy, juicy apple and tricked Adam into taking a bite as well. If the bible is to be believed (I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t) the female of the species has been paying for her lack of submission to God’s will ever since they were cast out of Eden. Don’t eat from the tree. It’s just like the sign “wet paint” somewhere, sometime sooner or later someone’s going to touch it. Curiosity killed the cat, Pandora’s box and all those other stories. Ever since then it’s always be the female of the species to prove they can hold that position of power, hold down that job, have the main part in the movie, be the writer of the song in a band thats made up of the male dominated world. It’s continued on for many centuries right up to today. A few examples would be the lack of rights when it comes to voting, sitting in the same club, and more recently locally swimming in the same carnival races. The church? Well that’s a whole different area again where there’s just too much to say. Could it be deep down we men are frightened we will be shown up?

There’s also the other type of inequality attitude towards woman. That’s the still widely accepted fact of the husband or the man going to work and providing for the family while the stereotypical little lady stays home and becomes the submissive housewife. Cleaning, cooking, ironing, washing and don’t forget the children. Yes let’s talk about childbearing mothers. I was privileged nearly 18 years ago to be present at the birth of my 2nd and 3rd children, twins. The miracle of childbirth is something you do not understand until you are actually witness to it. What does it feel like? I’ve been told to stretch my bottom lip over and behind my forehead and then I just might understand the pain ensued in giving birth. From woe to go women have the raw deal, it’s the way genetics works unfortunately, until men are able to give birth women will be the superior species, without them we would be an extinct race. But hey, I still want my dinner on the table when I get home after a hard days work. I still remember the day I came home and noticed that my wife was already in her pyjamas early in the afternoon. Well I learnt well that day. Unfortunately my wife had yet had the chance to change since the morning, the twins had surely given her a run for her money that day. Lessoned learned. In some places it’s unfortunately a cultural way of life, most other times it’s just plain arrogance and the power that men have over their supposed love one or what they think is their right to what they are entitled too.


I’m glad to see here in Australia our current Prime Minister Julia Gillard has the job of being our first female Prime minister, her partner Tim is often seen as just the person in the background. I don’t agree with all of her views but its refreshing to see Julia hold her own against an opposition party and also that of her own disloyal team, it’s an awesome thing to hear her say, “bring it on.” I should add at this stage, the first time i heard the term misogynistic it was used by our esteemed Prime minister. Theres also my local council, back in September 2011, our council had its first female Mayor an deputy Mayor elected, whilst its never all roses it was a turning point in local politics. These days there are more and more women achieving great things in high places, all it needs is one to plant the seed.


I’ve not recently arrived at these views, I’m sure they’ve been there, just not in plain Sight. How did they come about, well that’s interesting thing all in itself. I’m sure my respect of the fairer sex was partly due to the upbringing of my parents and more today to the fact that I have a strong minded wife whom I support in all of her endeavours. Recently after proving herself more than capable for 22 something years, my wife threw her hands up and said “enough is enough”. Unless you have the dangly penis thing between your legs you were just not taken seriously, no matter how good your qualifications, ability and strengths are, you will not be allowed to play in the sandbox, in certain sectors its definitely a man’s world attitude.


Another thing that made me stop and open my eyes was a simple twitter chat, I was discussing the merits of the latest Star Trek movie, it was pointed out all to often at its lack of credible female depth, I will have to be honest, the scene with Carol Marcus and Captain Kirk in the shuttle while Dr. Marcus was getting down to her underwear was so not needed. It’s been done. Really all they were doing was following the formula, basic story filled with action, comedy, tragedy, victory, courage and hey!! A little bit of hanky panky in the shuttle. We ended taking comfort in a parallel universe in sci-fi Princess Leia was now a Jedi Master, happy sigh. There are of course other fictional characters we all relate to and even put up there as female role models. There’s the obvious choice straight up for the gamers, Lara Croft, Tomb raider, brains as well as brawn and helpfully looks. Steer a little wider and you’ve got Kara Thrace aka Starbuck and President Roslin of Battlestar Galactica, the fictional list is long. In real life we have the likes of Madame Curie, Aung San Suu Kyi, Amelia EarHeart, Elizabeth I, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa and louise Sauvage to name a few. There’s a diverse variety, Scientists, politicians, singers, authors, Doctors, athletes and most importantly mothers.


So the next time you blokes have the balls to say what you think, keep it to yourselves and be a whole lot more respectful, after all, somewhere, sometime ago, someone gave birth to you, thank your lucky stars they dipped you in the lacquer straight away and you didn’t fade away like an old photo.