3 Jun

The metro system in Germany leaves Sydney rail for dead. Even the bus system is great. We brought a metro ticket for the day at the cost of 10 euros, it includes bus and rail for 5 people. You hop on the bus just outside the hotel validate your ticket put it away and off you go, so simple & easy. Most of the bus terminals have a display with how long the next bus will be with accuracy of about a minute out. The whole time we travelled on the metro we weren’t asked for our ticket once. I’m not surprised people don’t even bother buying purchasing one.
Munich city is the plan for today, up bright and early, directions obtained from desk staff who were quite friendly. And so they should be. There was a note on the elevator informing everyone it’s out of service. For us it’s not a worry, only 2 flights of stairs but others I don’t think took it so well, hence the nice customer service. It was about 1/2 hour of bus and train together to get to the city, everything is so clean and green. Flip of a coin and we go down a street that goes through the shopping district to a nice big church (another one yes). Upon entering you get an idea straight away how special it is. It was partially destroyed during world war 2 by heavy bombing. There’s a great picture board of different sections when original construction occurred, the destruction and then re-construction. It was truly amazing once again to see so much money being poured into rebuilding after the war, apparently pride had a lot to do with it, there were even cities that were rebuilt with finances and help from the US after the war.
Walking further through the shopping district there’s a farmers market with lots of different food stalls ranging from fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses, wines even florists. In the middle there are tables so as you are able to eat and drink whatever you buy, we’ve marked this down for lunch later in the day.
Mapped checked correct street found and down towards the garden park area that’s posted as the Tivoli gardens. It offers many different options of recreation from tennis, bicycling, walking and even surfing. Surfing? There are no waves in Munich you say, well I beg to differ. As we walked through we discovered an area under a bridge where the water is flowing through quite fast resulting in an artificial wave that allows skilled surfers to ride the wave for as long as the could stand on their boards. They were all kitted out in wetsuits with their little wetsuit shoes and just about every board being ridden on was full of dings and dents. Talk about making the most of where you live, I dare say there were a fair few travelers from abroad to give this a go. Photos and video taken and further into the park we walk. Another form of recreation we noticed was standing in the middle of a field sun baking with absolutely not a stitch of clothing on, it was a bit revealing but apparently there are sections set aside for the absorption of vitamin D.
Back up to the farmers market to sample some of the delights of Germany. First a table must be found, it’s standing room only and being a week day it’s surprising how many people are here, and drinking beer by the stein full. Table obtained and we’ve decided to try a whopping big pork knuckle, not something for the light hearted. Full of meat and quite filling, the best thing to wash it down with is beer. After lunch we walked around and purchased some nice fruit, sundried tomatoes, stuffed bell peppers and olives to snack on back at the hotel, awesome tasting as well.
The next day is a public holiday so it’s decided we will head down to a place where Ludwig II of Bavaria built the famed Neuschwanstein castle.

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