The Bay of Naples

24 Apr

Bay of Naples to Capri
Heading south to the bay of Naples this morning. Very long bus drive with plenty of rain. It seems to be following us around on and off. We travelled past the Abbey of Monte Cassino on the top of the hill. One of the oldest abbeys in Italy. At the bottom is a beautifully kept war memorial honouring many serviceman that died in the second world war. There are many different nationalities represented throughout.
Off to the side of the road at certain places there is a long strip of pine trees that follows the coast called the Appian way. This is the original road from road dating back over 2,000 years. Much of it is still the same cobblestone. When Spartacus army was defeated by the roman general Marcus Crassus he decided as a deterrent to any further slave uprisings to crucify a slave every half kilometre or so on one side of the road from one end to the other.   Crassus forbid the taking down of the executed slaves until they were only rags and bones. Slave owners would then take disobedient slaves to show them the consequences of such actions, needless to say there wasn’t many more slave uprisings for some time.
Our hotel is situated right on the riverside with spectacular views unfortunately spoiled by large amounts of litter including boats and various car parts on the shoreline. Off to the left on a clear day you can see the dormant volcano Vesuvius, famous for hiding a city called Pompeii. After checking in we went for a walk around the little town and found a cafe. Espressos are tasting very nice but we have wondered why they keep offering us cups of fizzy water? Later we ask and its to cleanse your palate. The cost really surprised us, .90 euro each, thinking we received a great deal we’ve left rather fast. We learn it’s actually a normal price. Dinner in the hotel was quite classy with nice table cloths, silver knives and spoons and waiters dressed quite nice in their dinner jackets. As usual there was pasta, chicken and cake for desert. I had the fish.
Open the curtains in the morning, yes, we will need umbrellas again. I’ve been dubbed the Rain God. Everyone has started looking at me in a different light. There is talk of petrol and matches. Let’s sacrifice the Rain God. An interesting bus drive to Sorrento for the boat ride to the island of Capri. The streets are very narrow and there are many close calls with trucks, busses, cars and many scooters. The views are truly magnificent from above, a quick stop for photos and we are on our way again. Sorrento grows many lemons that is turned into one of the best forms of alcohol. Lemonchillo is a digestive drink for after dinner. We didn’t care to wait for dinner, let’s just say anytime of the day after lunch is good. Another fruit grown in large amounts is olives. There are trees everywhere with nets at the ready to protect the fruit from the birds. The port of Sorrento has many hotels above it on the cliffs and look rather expensive to stay in. The boat ride is not long to Capri.
There are 2 sections that we visited, Ana Capri which is located up the top and then the lower part which is called Capri. The top area when sunny offers views that we were unfortunate not to experience due to the rain. Still very nice. Some great photo opportunities later and it’s time for lunch. Ravioli with feta cheese which has been the nicest pasta I’ve tried. Just outside the restaurant is a little shop selling lemonchillo of various different flavours, a few tastings later and a few bottles purchased for consumption back in the room. The lower middle part of the island has an area similar to the rich avenues of Milan and 5th ave of New York, with really nice hotels. There are some nice beautiful gardens to look at as well.
Capri has had many types of residents, one being emperor Tiberius who was known to be a rather cruel and immoral man as he aged. There are stories of different poets who tried to entertain the emperor, some who weren’t so lucky got the pleasure of exit right straight of the top of the cliff.
Back at the hotel dinner is once again like the previous night. This time there was pasta, fish and a coconut panacotta. I had the chicken.

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  1. Jodi April 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Great stuff Shano. Love the history lessons too. When you get back you will have to come around for some home made Limoncello ; )

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