Day 1 Sydney to Rome

15 Apr

Sydney to Rome
Day 1, Friday 13th April, 2012.
Spent the night at Formula one motel chain last night, seeing as we are going to have an early start for tomorrows flight. It’s not bad for a cheap overnight stay, very basic amenities.  We dined at some quality Restaurants last night. 1st being coffee at Krispy Creme Doughnuts, crap doughnuts but nice coffee. When our friends turned up we dined at McDonalds, once again crap.   It was decided an early night was in store as our alarms were set for 2:30am. Too early really for normal sane travellers. Not that we really did get any sleep. Budget motels will do that to your body, so uncomfortable.   First disappointment of the trip experienced was the revelation the travel agent didn’t book the four of us together. In fact we were seated some 20 rows apart. Not very happy. Otherwise it was a painless check in and off to departure lounge.   We booked to fly with Air Emirates with a flight from Sydney to Dubai, followed by transfer from Dubai to Rome. The flight out was roughly 14 hours and it was not helped by unhelpful staff. There was a long gap between breakfast and what they called lunch. It took an age to be served for any type drink and we found the overall flight crappy.   Dubai to Rome with Air Emirates was a different story, nice polite staff plenty of food and alcohol served. Only about 5 1/2 hours. Unfortunately as we landed we weren’t given splendid views of the city, it was raining, it looks to stay that way for some time.    Once we landed we were put through the unusual customs practice of checking your passport before we claimed our luggage. When flying into Australia they screen your luggage before you leave customs.  Quick bus ride to motel, check in, quick dinner that was forgettable and into bed, crash and burn.

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