Sydney weekend away

1 Apr

Yes I know we arent travelling yet but, we went away for the weekend and thought I would try out the blog as a practice.

Arrived in North Sydney Friday night for the weekend staying at great view of Sydney Harbour. Really looking forward to trying pizza at one of our favourite gourmet places in Neutral Bay only to find only take away…bugger. Walking up the long line of eateries we noticed a lovely looking Italian place. Why not try and compare when we go in a few weeks. was by far one of the nicests Italian restaurants Ive had the pleasure to try… BYO, nice service,Calamari & Garlic Prawns for entree and Marinara Pizza for a main. Price was quite surprisingly cheap approx $56, we where ther for ages… really nice place to just sit chill and discuss what we are going to do for the weekend.

Multiculturism….Isn’t it funny how we put down other nationalities? You know? The Poms with their stiff upper lip and Barmy Army, the Yanks… well they do have a president, we only have a Prime minister, to name a few. We travelled a little around Sydney Australia over the weekend and I met some Aussies who embaress me to say ” I’m an Australian mate!!”. Walking down from our lovely hotel in North Sydney hoping to find our way to the ferry at luna park, clearly lost on a major intersection lookong like tourists. “buddy you lost?? where are you headed??” directions given by a jogger from what sounded like Manhattan Island New York…. needles to say directions obtained and spot on.

Aussies – 0    International Aussie -1

We’ve decided to head off to the Sydney Rowing Club at Abbotsford for some wine and food. Catch the river cat ( fast ferry ) from Circular Quay $11.20 return, bargain, outside front on deck an older cyclist/gentleman sits next to us and listens to my wife and I wonder at the sights that Sydney offers, Cockatoo Island was one of the stops, Ive heard of it and thats it, gentleman nexts to us informs us in a royal British accent all about the Island that has since been abandoned by the industrial age and offers all sorts of entertainment, also I might add it caters for city people wanting to experience the joys of camping with permanent tents set up right next to the river…. deadset? Sure enough as we go past there is an awsome camping ground, all you need is your food, pillow & sleeping bag, you can only access by ferry. Well worth a look

Aussies -0  International Aussie -2

Sydney Rowing Club offers great views over the water from several vantage points, best get there around 10:00am to claim a table that will keep you in the shade, it gets crowded by 11:00am very fast, drinks a reasonable and there is a choice between the Restaurant, alfresco dining on the deck or just inside in the main lounge. We sat on the deck and soaked up the beautiful sunshine with a nice white wine and oysters kilpatrick followed up by a devine seafood salad.

The ferries run regular approx every hour back and forth, you can sit inside and out. Tickets were quite cheap, Im told the trip all the way down to Parramatta is lovely any time of the year. We made good use of them over the weekend, please keep in mind near the end of the day they will become crowded to the point of occasionally you miss boarding due to overcrowding… Don’t stress, like me. Sydney Ferries will usually put more on to cater for busy periods, so I found out ( time for at least one more beer if you fancy ).

As a birthday present my parents gave my wife and I tickets to see James Morrison at Twilight at Taronga, accomodation, tranfers to the zoo and breakfast all included. This is the 17th year James Morrison has played and the second time we’ve seen him perform, he is a great Jazz trumpeter, with an ego to match his playing ability. Next year if we go we have decided to get there a little earlier by ferry and be there for when the area opens, its like a picnic in the park, limited alcohol allowed, take either a low lying chair or a larger one for the back of the venue, people rocked up with all sorts of condiments to eat whilst watching the show. Us? Red wine, beer and cheese. Terrific night with terrific views of the harbour and also a very distant fireworks display back in the CBD.

2 Responses to “Sydney weekend away”

  1. Jodi April 1, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend and great weather to top it off.

  2. Linda April 7, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    well, Shano aren’t you the travel writer….looking forward to hearing about your many European adventures. Hope you run into some friendly Aussie whilst you are there. I assure you they exist….

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